Rock Fantasy is a game to let you experience the thrill of being a
   star in a rock group. You get to see first hand how the fabled rock
   group, The Rock Makers , came into being and became a star band. The
   band consists of lead singer Jerry K., guitarist Pete, bassist Lyle
   and drummer Mad Dog D. 
   Make videos, perform on stage, write songs, and watch the groupies go
   wild. Assemble the band with all of the instruments required to
   perform. Fire the cannon during a concert for explosive action! 
   Following is a list of major playfield components that will be
   referred to in this document. The number beside each component also
   appears in the accompanying diagram. 
    1. Warm Up Ramp 
    2. The Stage 
    3. Front of the Stage/Stage Guards 
    4. Road To Stardom Lane 
    5. Stage Tunnel Lane 
    6. Letter Wheels 
    7. Recording Company kickout hole 
    8. Doorman bullseye 
    9. Equipment drop targets 
   10. Group Drop Targets 
   11. Vacation Fund lane 
   12. The Cannon 
   13. Dance Across the Stage Habitrail 
   14. TV Screen 
   15. Night Club 
   16. Ticket Booth and People In Line 
   At the start of each ball, aim for the skill shot target as indicated
   by the dots display. 
   Hint: Carefully plunge the ball into play to set up your opening shot
   when the skill shot is for the small upper flipper. 
   Use the upper right flipper to blast the ball up the Warm Up Ramp (1)
   for repeated loops of increasing value. The ball can also be gated to
   go down the left side Stage habitrail (2) for a possible Dance Across
   the Stage (13). 
   The more equipment you collect for the band via the Equipment drop
   targets (9), the more you get to dance! 
   Also with the upper right flipper, you can shoot at the People In Line
   drop targets in front of the Ticket Booth hole (16). Once you have
   your tickets, the ball will go to the Night Club hole (15), where you
   might be eligible for a valuable Door Prize! 
   Hints : Try using the small left flipper to shoot the Night Club hole.
   You can also cheat to get to the Ticket Booth by a backhand shot from
   the lower left flipper! 
   One of the other things you'll want to concentrate on is writing songs
   by spelling words at the Letter Wheels (6). Two letters are always
   spotted there. Hitting the targets in front of the wheels awards you
   the letter spotted. Your goal is to spell the words MULTI, EXTRA,
   BONUS and VIDEO. 
   If you spell MULTI and start singing the multiball song, the groupies
   at the Front of the Stage (3) will be go wild, stampede past the Stage
   Guards onto the stage for a multiple ball frenzy of action! 
   During multiball, all playfield values are increased significantly to
   help you get on the high score list, so hit as many targets as
   Hint : Dancing across the stage (13) during multiball is very
   If you spell BONUS, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank with
   lots of point-scoring goodies. 
   If you spell EXTRA, check out the Vacation Fund lane (11) where you'll
   get yourself and extra ball for the game! 
   The ultimate is to spell VIDEO so you can watch the Rock Makers video
   on TV!!! 
   Hint : When the TV turns on, shoot the ball over it! 
   Lets check out the Front of the Stage (3) again. To get the groupies
   there so they can stampede the stage for multiball, you must lock the
   balls in the trough behind the Stage Guards. You can only do this when
   the gap between the guards is large enough for the ball to get
   Another major objective in the game is to get recording contracts from
   the Recording Company (7). To get in the building, you must tip the
   Doorman (8) first. Once in, you'll deal with those tough execs. But
   they're not so bad, as they hand out lots of very valuable awards
   there! As you make your way to the top, the awards get bigger. 
   Remember to keep gathering equipment for the band by knocking down all
   of the Equipment drop targets (9). Also knock the Group drop targets
   (10) in order to collect the band members together. Doing so may light
   up other targets for big points and spot you Letter Wheel letters
   One last thing. Let's not forget the Cannon (12)! Aim the cannon with
   the left or right flipper buttons to make the shot you want to the
   Road To Stardom lane(4), Recording Company hole(7) or Ticket
   o Spell words from the Letter Wheel (6) then reap the rewards 
   o Lock balls in the Front of the Stage (3) trough for multiball 
   o Collect equipment and group members via the drop targets (9, 10) 
   o Dance across the stage (13) 
   o Tip the Doorman and get into the Recording Company building (7)